How To Get People To Do What You Want

Without Begging, Pleading, Guilt-Tripping, or Nagging

How To Get People To Do What You Want: Without Begging, Pleading, Guilt-tripping or Nagging is Rex’s proven system of naturally creating a climate of understanding with others so you can get what you want.

Today, when living day to day seems to be overly complicated, and where time and information compete, you need new skills in order to just keep up and make your dreams the reality.

This program teaches you how to be respectful, influential and powerfully persuasive. You'll discover how much people will want to help you when you help them.

You and the people you're communicating with feel great without trickery and subterfuge. Rex shares these amazing tools for motivating yourself and others!

In this program you will be exposed to an intense amount of material and exercises which challenge the rich resources of your mind.

It is carefully designed to harness your unconscious mind to learn at an accelerated speed. Just follow along and have a good time.

Since Rex teaches at multiple levels repeated listening and review will increase your comprehension. Have fun doing the exercises.

Enjoy becoming more influential with family, friends, co-workers and strangers.

Curious? Let me ask you this:

Have you ever wanted a better way to persuade?

Not all persuasion is the same.  Years ago, people could use aggressive sales methods, bullying, nagging, pleading, and other methods.

Those methods just don't work well anymore. Those methods don't feel good, right?  Those methods drain energy. By the time it ends usually neither person feels very good.

Contrast that with the feeling of shared excitement as you embark upon something exciting with the other person. They're so enthused that their enthusiasm gets you more excited about it.

With the right skills influence becomes a joy for the person doing the persuading, and for the person who is being persuaded. In fact, people thank you for persuading them. Imagine how much better that can feel.

Influence has a structure. Now, you can discover the time-tested, proven skills, and state-of-the-art strategies used by the world's most influential people. 

Now, you can experience this training just like the participants at IDEA Seminars elite events. Everything is captured in this live recording.

This is not your dry text-book and class-room lesson. Instead, you get to experience the humor, and engaging whole-brain learning methods that enable you to put the skills to immediate use.

Engaged whole-brain learning methods enables you to take these methods and apply it anytime you communicate. 

People are using these skills now in many contexts:

As bosses, leaders, and managers.

As salespeople, and marketers.

As coaches and teachers.

As lawyers and negotiators, 

With parents, children, and family.

With yourself for self-motivation.

Where you use these skills is up to you.

Anywhere you want to be more influential, and anytime you need to be persuasive you can use these tools to empower your communication.

Now you can have solutions for the your most frustrating situations:

Want you teenagers to clean their room? Or your husband to wash the dishes? Or your employees to come in on time?

In this program, you will learn fun and easy ways to influence others in ways that work better... faster and feel better... than begging, pleading, guilt-tripping or nagging.


In this incredible home study program you will learn how to...

  • Effectively use non-verbal communication to get what you want
  • Gain instant rapport and trust with others
  • Discover the three ways in which people process information and how you can appeal to them in ways that they respond immediately
  • Learn to better utilize how your own brain processes information
  • Use  great voice tonality and rhythm secrets of hypnotist in your sales pitch with amazing results
  • Discover how to naturally use highly suggestive language to get what you want
  • Structure your language to turn resistance into assistance and overcome objections. With these skills, you can...
  • Win the attention of even the most challenging people
  • Persuade the most difficult prospect to "see your point of view"
  • Negotiate more effectively than ever before
  • Create high performance states of mind for yourself or others
  • Sell more in a shorter amount of time - up your close ratio
  • Use simple language methods to become totally persuasive
  • Make friends and influence people

The uses are as infinite as your imagination. Anywhere you want to be more influential, and anytime you need to be persuasive you can use these tools to empower your communication.

What People Are Saying

From The Heart

Includes reviews, letters, email & online comments on live event & online training programs with Rex.

“Dear Rex, What a joyful and nostalgic time I experienced listening to the recording of your training ‘How Do We Get People To Want To Do What You Want’ Home Study Program. You have managed to gather in one place so much of the wisdom and so many of the truths I have been studying over the past 25 years. Your information and uplifting style caused me to wish I were physically there with you. Your introductory workshop seems ideal for those who are just beginning to grasp the benefits of a conscious mind and a terrific refresher for those of us who have previously begun the journey. Now I understand why so many of your students rave about all of the Rex Steven Sikes programs.Thank you! I plan on listening to them again.” -- Anton Zellman, Author, Speaker, Canton, GA

“Dear Rex, I Completed your audio set, ‘How to  Get People to Do What You Want’ Home Study Program and thought I would give you a reaction from a performer's point of view.  If you are a working performer, as I am, this tape series will be beneficial in two ways. The first is, as a entertainer, you will be able to use some of the language patterns and behavior matching techniques to strengthen your audience rapport and increase the impact of your performances.  The second benefit, which may be even more important, is the material on these tapes will help you sell your act and build your business. Just the use of ‘but’ and reversing the order of the potential client's statements to end with what you want them to remember as their own is an incredibly powerful technique.Thanks Rex, for sending these to me.” -- Allen Zingg, Entertainer, Lecturer, NJ

“I've been a 'fan' of NLP for many years and early on saw the many advantages it has for both onstage and off. Not only can it be a huge help in everyday life but it can also make your performances better. Using NLP enables you to gain rapport with your audience, it helps your message (whatever it may be) to 'hit' more accurately and with more power, and it leaves your audience with a better, longer lasting impression of you both as a performer and as a person. Who wouldn't want that? Luckily, there's Rex Steven Sikes. Rex's material is among the very best in field. Those of us who are entertainers are doubly lucky in that, not only is Rex a master at NLP (both in title and reality), but he has also been in show business for many years. His massive background in both disciplines really shines in all of his work. There's not a performer today who would not gain by availing themselves of Rex Steven Sikes' work. Do yourself a favor, get Rex's How To Get What You Want'. Get his programs. Use it. Profit from it. You, and your audiences, will be glad you did.” -- Mark Strivings, Entertainer, Denver, CO

“Rex, First of all, let me say thanks for the excellent How To Get People To Do What You want audio program. I have listened to it several times over, and each time I gain new insight into the subtle art of influencing others. Two things about the tape I particularly like. First, I like how you de-mystify the principles of NLP.  Rather than offering a set of fuzzy "new age" generalities about self-improvement, you teach a set of concrete techniques that can clearly improve the way one interacts with others. Second, I like the engaging way you present your ideas.  The audios are entertaining and easy to listen to from start to finish. I have been exposed to NLP principles and concepts from a number of areas, and I can most definitely say I like your approach to them best. You may also know that I am very widely read in the area of non-verbal communication.  I tend to examine what I see about influence from the perspective of what I've read and studied in terms of non-verbal influence. NLP principles, of course, are not primarily non-verbal in nature.  But they compliment very well what I've learned of non-verbal influence.  I liked how your tapes helped flesh out what I've gleaned from other areas. The techniques offered in your tape course are ones that should be studied carefully. They are absolutely essential. You have my permission to use my name and quote me in your marketing materials.  I did enjoy them very much. I definitely recommend your audio program!” -- Christopher Carter, Speaker, Chicago, IL

“This is a crash-course on personal relationships and how to get along better with everyone from your boss to your family to the cashier at K-Mart. Rex's program demonstrates how easy these concepts are to apply and how effective they can be, even with others that know them.” -- Fred Rosenbaum, Manager, Cary, NC

“Rex is knowledgeable, compassionate, a great communicator. The content of this program is very powerful and the material and tools presented are enhanced. Have stretched and expanded the understanding and value of asking myself, and others, the right questions. I will be ‘going first’ more and asking ‘what is important (to others and myself)?’ -- Marge Hidalgo, Waukegan, IL

“I learned to consider the other person. Practice and allow failure to be an opportunity to grow. Travel in advance of the world. Resistance can be turned into assistance. Rex is insightful, well-paced, attentive to individual needs, very knowledgeable about NLP with the ability to share his knowledge in an effective manner. Rex has a genuine love of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and infects his class participants with an enthusiasm and confidence that is contagious and compelling. In a world as complex and challenging as we live in, it is extremely helpful to have internal, conscious and unconscious, guides and markers to make our journey through life more meaningful and enjoyable. That’s what this class is all about. I came for professional reasons, wanting to work smarter and not harder to be more successful in my sales efforts. I found that here. But beyond that, I found concepts and techniques that will allow me to be a more successful and happier person regardless of the professional, social, or personal setting I’ll find myself in. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on yourself. Take this class and change your quality of life for the better.” -- David Lytle, Data Storage Sales Specialist, Kennesaw, GA

"A great training program for improving human interaction and communication! Worth the time and money!” -- Terry C Clodfelter, Director, Center for Continuous Learning, Minnesota State University and South Central Technical College, Mankato, MN

“In addition to being an excellent introduction to the power of NLP, this provided me with skills and understandings that I will begin using immediately. These tools will only grow and develop further as I use them and gain mastery over them. I’m going to recommend this seminar to some of my co-workers. For anyone who wants or needs to become a better communicator, taking this seminar would be a great choice.” -- Jeffrey Richards, Graphic Artist, Columbus, OH

“Rex is a dynamic speaker and presenter. He is caring and generous with his time and expertise. His energy spreads to others easily and naturally. I understood his basic explanations and descriptions of NLP concepts. A great deal of things we see and do in interacting with others were once mysteries until Rex shed light on them through his training. It’s a delight to be enlightened by his guidance. One can tell that he puts into practice what he preaches. It shows in his interactions with students, staff, his family. I don’t know where his energy comes from, but some of it has rubbed off on me. I was told about Rex by many others. Their descriptions don’t do enough justice to the actual experience. If I was not serious about human relationships before, Rex has convinced me otherwise. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone serious about increasing their quality of life and of those around them. I’m coming back for more. Bravo, Rex! I look forward to continuing my relationship with IDEA.” -- Tony Tse, Engineer, Los Angeles, CA

"Rex is a master in being a communicator personified. My purpose in attending this workshop was to remember a different way to communicate. What I discovered was the importance in ‘what’s important to you’ from the other guy’s viewpoint. It also gives me the incentive to become a master ‘Word Smith.’ My eyes are now open, my ears hear resonance and I sense the depth of my soul. Thanks Rex for providing the space and time to get a tune up.” -- Phillip Hall, Shiatsu Practitioner, The Inner Source, Pittsboro, NC

"I learned how to give more respect and validation to others through catering to their values; to set up a chance for reciprocation of this Love, Respect, validation and Friendship. Rex is the ‘bartender’ that keeps your NLP glass FULL. Attentive, caring, talented, self-effacing and very generous with his time and attention! Never a dull moment! I learned a great deal of skills not just from Rex, but I was able to discover new skills emerging in me that I read/heard about in other books and tapes. It is not a seminar, it’s an ultra-conceptual drop of real life experience in which you can learn rapidly and naturally. Good on you, Rex.” -- Robert L Culpepper, Compensation Analyst, Tulsa, OK

 “Rex knows what he’s talking about. Expands on the basics, A thinker. I think he really cares about teaching. I had minimal exposure to some concepts and pre-suppositions of NLP. The lectures, discussion and exercises were outstanding! -- Larry Nardolillo, Senior Manager, Columbia, MD

“I learned a lot of information in a short period of time that will actually be applicable in the real world. The lectures and exercises kept me engaged and hungry for more. This class has been an inspiration and has already started to boost my confidence. I am grateful.” -- Michael Sodergren, Student, Arden Hills, MN

“Rex is a genius, he takes this mind stretching material and puts it into very practical examples. This program was an excellent source of information and explanation of the wonderful technology behind communication and interaction situations. I can say that it was a learning experience, and that Rex really knows how to present the knowledge in a motivating way! I want to get better! Thanks Idea Seminars.” -- B J Carnahan, Teacher, Shoreview, MN

“Rex is a man of many talented, focused to excelling at whatever he is currently doing. He is sincere, dedicated. Rex is the kind of person who you would trust with your mind and soul, and having full trust makes learning easy. Unlike other seminars, Rex does an outstanding job of providing a broad overview of how the ideas to be presented can and will make a difference in your life. Rex lives what he teaches and I really felt his sincere desire to maximize not only the learning but also the practical application. This is what I appreciated most –the exercises and directions on how to make practical application of the concepts. Rex is highly knowledgeable and presents in a logical fashion with high energy and intensity making the time fly by. The class was a great learning experience and I had fun, and as Rex profoundly teaches these do not need to be mutually exclusive. THANKS, Rex.” -- Paul Winter, Accountant, Minneapolis, MN

“Awareness! That will be the gift I use and share. Awareness of the questions I am asking myself. Awareness of the circle of influence reaching out to others. Awareness of learning styles V-A-K and a renewed commitment to discover them in others and respond accordingly with unbiased positive intent. I will have awareness of the language patterns that offer keys to unlock doors in influence and communication. And, finally an awareness to share this knowledge through example and as a resource or conduit to Rex and the IDEA Seminars team! Thanks.” -- Jim Paluch, Speaker/Author, Cleveland, OH

"We covered an amazing amount of material. I didn't realize how much until the wrap-up. It was also surprising to realize how that material was internalized and became a part of me. I've taken many courses. This is the first time that I have finished a course feeling like I have made the material my own - a part of who I am and what I do. There is also an amazing desire to do more, to keep on learning, to keep on growing." -- Lem Fugitt, Publisher, Japan

"Attending this four day event has been eye opening and mind expanding. I really did not know what to expect. The things I knew were reinforced and the new things I learned were so powerful and fun, by the fourth day I did not want it to end. If you're looking to move forward in you life and make advancements this course is what you should take. Its for all walks of life, young or old. Now is when you want to do this for yourself and those who youcare about in your life." -- Sean Roach, Las Vegas, NV

"Fabulous experience. Even during the seminar I discovered a profound change in myself and how I interact with others. I look forward to geometric growth in the coming months. It will impact my business and personal life. I definitely will recommend this to friends. I'll be back for future programs. It was a pleasure learning from Rex. I'm impressed with his commitment and sense of integrity to downloading his knowledge base into his students. Whata fantastic experience. The whole environment has been very positive and nurturing. Naturally I'll continue to grow immensely in the months ahead. Thanks for sharing this with me. I can't remember a time that I've felt happier. I also feel a lot of love from Rex. This training should be taught in every public school system." -- Ken Hoffman, Musician, Copywriter, Teacher, Milwaukee, WI

"If you want to really live your life, come on and experience how life would be after joining Rex! 'If you dare to live better life, join him in one of his workshops'" -- Waleed Alroumi, Assistant Director HRD Management Training, Kuwait Airways, Kuwait

"This program was powerful, surprising and ultimately extremely valuable to me. I can see myself using the 30 or 40 concepts we covered everyday for the rest of my life." -- Kevin Halfmann, Development Consultant, Shawnee, KS

 “This helps in communicating with others. I thought my communication skills were sufficient; however, I realize that I now have the tools to effectively communicate with people that are difficult and unpleasant to deal with. I was planning to move away from those people. Now, I can easily deal with them effectively, and naturally. I will be able to cash in on unlimited benefits that I would have missed out on. Rex made the experience very interesting and entertaining, which is important.” -- Maria Amoretta, Counselor/Performer, San Antonio, TX

“The program helped me focus on communicating with others from their point of view. It helped me understand how important it is to listen and acquire information from other people before I begin to effectively communicate with them.” -- Marcus Stephens, Dog Trainer, Iowa City, IA



Without Begging, Pleading, Guilt-tripping or Nagging

How To Get People To Do What You Want ...Without Begging, Pleading, Guilt-Tripping, Or Nagging Home Study Course

10 CD's 14 Audio Tracks plus a 43 page manual

If you have MISSED the "How To Get People To Do What You Want..." seminar, NOW you can get it all as 14 Audio Tracks! Just read the unedited comments from awestruck participants to realize the amazing amount of material you'll learn. Here's the bottom line:  If You Want To Get Anyone To Do Anything YOU Want, Without Begging, Pleading, Guilt-tripping, Or Nagging...AND you want to become a master of influence and persuasion...You'll Act Now to get the special in-the-box version of this seminar.

The live seminar cost $550.00 plus travel, hotel and food.  Now for a very limited time you can get the entire seminar in audio file for a fraction of that cost.  This was a 4 day intensive NLP seminar on the powerful tools of persuasion and influence.  When you decide to get this home study program now, you'll be getting the same information that was presented in the live seminar.

Here's A Sampling Of Seminar Highlights:

How To Instantly Gain Rapport With Anyone
Discover The #1 Secret Of Persuasion
Discover The Truth Behind Non-Verbal Communication
How To Get Anybody To Do What You Want...So They Feel Great About Doing It!
How To Sell More In Less Time
How To Easily Handle Objections
How To Turn Resistance Into Unbelievable Compliance
How To Use Hidden "Word Patterns" To Influence Other's Subconscious Mind
How To Effortlessly Negotiate Anything
How To Influence The Most Difficult People
Discover A Simple Way To Easily And Naturally Use These Techniques
How To Use "Mental Aikido" To Get Anyone's Compliance
Discover The 3 "Language Types" So You Can Speak Their Language


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