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Rex Sikes' Ultimate NLP Home Study Course™ The Basics And Beyond

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Get the most thorough, complete, cohesive, highly valued and sought after NLP program ever! Recorded at the live Rex Sikes training seminar The Ultimate NLP Home Study Course™ stands head and shoulders above all the other programs out there. That is because all our programs are run through Rex's incredible Mind Design™ system for making changes! But don't take our word for it. Take the word of our students!

What is NLP?

If you don't know Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been around since the late 70's. It offers you practical and rapid methods for personal improvement. Some NLP trainings can be high-brow academic experiences which is not for everyone. Rex Steven Sikes offers you a fun and interesting way to learn about NLP. Just follow along at home - it is as if you are attending the live seminar! 

The Ultimate NLP Home Study Course ™  gives you all this!!!  

  • Practical Skills For The Real World  
  • 60 power-packed audio MP3s
  • Mastered slightly faster for ease of listening
  • The most sought after NLP manual 
  • Plus, 2 bonus audio programs (relaxation & visualization)
  • Certification Option Available 
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When you get this program, you will have access to some of the most powerful secrets that IDEA Seminars’ Practitioner students have paid thousands of dollars for AND over 42 hours chock full of methods, techniques, attitudes, ideas, and principles. Put these into action in your own life and your options become limitless! Your life becomes full of boundless energy!!  

You can overcome limitations, develop the confidence and competence to make profound personal changes to get the kind of results you want in your personal and professional life. 

These Mp3s are edited from the live NLP training, so you can enjoy Rex’s unique and fantastic teaching style.

Just follow along as if you were actually in the training room. They will keep you laughing and entertained, while you discover and learn some of the most powerful techniques and methods ever designed for self-development.

Rex teaches to all aspects of you. He entrains and educates your conscious mind and non-conscious mind. This means the more you listen the more you will discover. Rex's presentation is multi-layered so you learn deeply at all levels.

When you put into practice what you learn, and use the approaches described by Rex you will revolutionize yourself and your circumstances. Start getting better results by transforming how you do things.

You’ll also learn ways to help those you love improve their lives!


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What People Are Saying

Includes reviews, letters, email & online comments on live & online training programs with Rex.


"Yes! Everything in my life is better than it was before I started listening to your ‘Ultimate’ NLP course. Wow! And now please send to me ‘How to get People to Do What You Want.'  Whee. Who knows how many other marvelous & surprising successes that may occur in astonishing ways? I aim to see you guys & take the whole megillah. And I totally respect & use your audio program – it is a tour de force. A mighty & marvelous WORK. Thanks.” -- Leslie Piper, (online)

“Mr. Sikes, You have demonstrated once again your wisdom, maturity and WHY you are considered to be one of the most, if not THE most respected NLP trainer in the field today.” -- Carl Matus, Rockford, IL

“I'll be blunt: I'm very disappointed that these secrets are available. I think buying this material should be treated like buying hand guns: You should have to fill out forms and get checked out first to see if you'll use this wisdom for good or evil. I've NEVER seen such powerful techniques or insights. The average psychologist, cold reader, magician, or mentalist doesn't know these "beyond secret" methods. You could start a cult with this!  Far too powerful to be released publicly. Please take your NLP Home Study Program package off the market---especially now that I own it.” -- Joe Vitale, Author, "There's A Customer Born Every Minute" & "The Secret"

"I highly recommend Rex Sikes' Home study course. He uses his Mind Design thing/concept and installs the skills so quickly that you'll wonder where they came from the first you notice you are using them. Lots of exercises and plenty of printed material to practice/study….it's great. It also includes Attitude Activator (the tape that convinced me to buy the study course in the first place) which will blow your mind, especially if you haven't heard it before.” -- Eric J. (online)

"I purchased the Rex Sikes home study course about a month and a half ago. I have progressed to mp3 20 of the 60 in the course. So far this is  the best audio course I have ever purchased. You are also correct in your assessment of the ‘Attitude Activator’ tape that comes with the course. It blows your mind doesn't it?” -- Kenneth Dimmick, (online)

“I have the home study course. I liked it so much that I decided to take the practitioner and master practitioner live seminars from Rex. Don't get the course unless you are willing to do the exercises described. If you do, you will find Rex is one of the best.” -- Kurt Arbuckle, Attorney, Houston, TX

“Rex, I recently was asked by someone if I would consider swapping a copy of your NLP master practitioner program for some NLP stuff that person had. They had everything I could think of including Erickson videos, Grinder audio stuff, etc. I tell you this not to irritate you, but to emphasize several things - one of which is that people really respect your work and want your knowledge.

I totally declined. Not for lack of interest in what I'd get (I really wanted some of what they had), not for the money I'd lose (money doesn't really mean much too me), not for amount of money I'd save in not having to buy their stuff (even though I won't be able to purchase it until I get a better paying job). 

No, I didn't do it for one main reason - a hug. As you learned early on about me I'm sure, I am a pleaser. Always gotten the attention for doing good work. Always measured my self-worth by how persons I respect respond to my efforts. The positive thing about this is that it motivates me to work hard, give it my all and want the same for others. During the training, you didn't do that.

You acknowledged my efforts, but didn't ‘take one step towards me,’ if I didn’t ‘take one step towards you.’ You encouraged me in my growth, got frustrated with my confusion, and compelled me to rely on myself to find my own answers. But these things, while long term, didn't mean as much as one simple thing - a hug. You may not remember it right now - but I do. Close to the end of training, while I was deciding whether you were just a teacher or whether you wanted to be my friend, you walked up to me outside, totally devoid of the conversation, topic or context, just hugged me.

Others looked at me like, ‘what the hell did he do that for?’ At that moment, my decision was made, self-worth satisfied, and friendship engaged. So this guy emails me. I told him no because you care about your students. You ate with us, stayed up with us, drank with us and shared with us. You are our friend and this was your creation that you shared. It is not just NLP material - it is a personal journey. Just thought you should know.” -- Dean Breeson, Attorney, LA

“Dear Rex  Turning back after more than a month since the Practitioner, I am glad to report fascinating changes in my daily life. My life did not get instantly and magically transformed into a living dream. Rather, I am finding myself using what I learned incrementally in simple situations where I used to experience automatic not always the greatest response. I experience simple choices and changes that make a big difference in the way I feel and think, as well as in the way I interact with others.

I began having more laughter and smile on the inside and transformed many situations that I considered difficult before into learning opportunities. Challenges still remain. I face them every day and I am happy to have them. I feel the energy to use them to grow and create skills, relationships and things I want to. Now I gradually feel that I am the creator and designer of my experience. This is a great feeling as well as a sobering experience. I realize that it takes time, energy and focus to create the world I want to live in and share.

I am patient. I practice, I play and I enjoy what I do and what I am - not at every single moment, but now more often and more profoundly then a day ago. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate at the NLP at Cedar Valley. It was an amazing and eye-opening experience for me. At the same time I fully understood that the workshop starts when the workshop begins so I live my own workshop with unlimited duration. Thank you again for your caring and sharing and I wonder in how many wonderful ways will you naturally find new avenues to touch lives of people beyond of what you ever considered possible. Sincerely," -- Johnny Polak

"Rex is fantastic! He practices what he preaches. His example, his way of teaching, relating, and being is the best model for his students. The whole experience was great.  We covered an amazing amount of material. I didn’t realize how much until the wrap-up. It was also surprising to realize how that material was internalized and became a part of me. I’ve taken many courses. This is the first time that I have finished a course feeling like I have made the material my own --a part of who I am and what I do. There is also an amazing desire to do more, to keep on learning, to keep on growing.” -- Lem Fugitt, Robotics Publisher, Japan


“This program has been eye opening and mind expanding. I really did not know what to expect. The things I knew were reinforced and the new things I learned were so powerful I did not want it to end. If you’re looking to move forward in you life and make advancements this course is what you should take. Its for all walks of life, young or old. Now is when you want to do this for yourself and those who you care about in your life.” -- Sean Roach, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Rex is dynamic, energetic, and entertaining. He makes learning fun and easy. Everyone was friendly and caring. I have taken several other trainings and IDEA Seminars are the best I have found.” -- Barb Kehl, Hypnotherapist, A New Lifestyle, Valparaiso, Indiana

“Fabulous experience. Even during the seminar I discovered a profound change in myself and how I interact with others. I look forward to geometric growth in the coming months. It will impact my business and personal life. I definitely will recommend this to friends. I’ll be back for future programs. It was a pleasure learning from Rex. I’m impressed with his commitment and sense of integrity to downloading his knowledge base into his students.

What a fantastic experience. The whole environment has been very positive and nurturing. Naturally I’ll continue to grow immensely in the months ahead. Thanks for sharing this with me. I can’t remember a time that I’ve felt happier. I also feel a lot of love from Rex. This training should be taught in every public school system.” -- Ken Hoffman, Musician, Copywriter, Teacher, Milwaukee, WI

"Rex is marvelous, we were having fun while we were learning, he is caring and willing to do whatever is necessary to make sure we got the idea, he is more than willing to answer our questions. If you want to really live your life, come on and experience how life would be after joining Rex! ‘If you dare to live better life, join him in one of his workshops’' -- Waleed Alroumi, Assistant Director HRD Management Training, Kuwait Airways, Kuwait 

"This program was powerful, surprising and ultimately extremely valuable to me. After what I thought was a slow start the learning exploded. I can see myself using the 30 or 40 concepts we covered everyday for the rest of my life.” -- Kevin Halfmann, Development Consultant, Shawnee, Kansas

“I had become very interested in NLP years ago. As a result, I went on to study NLP Practitioner with another training organization. Filled with the excitement of the growth in my life, my wife decided to attend the Practitioner Course with Rex. The change in her life were absolutely incredible. As my daughter was preparing for college, we gave her a graduation gift of attending the Practitioner experience with IDEA Seminars.

After recognizing the changes in our lives, we knew that the learning our daughter would offer more opportunities than attending college itself. She was absolutely delighted with the training experience. It has helped her have the courage to ‘dream the dreams’ and then take the action to realize them. Now, it was because of the growth I recognized in my wife and daughter that caused me to want to train with Rex.

What I noticed is the attention to the purpose and dignity so that people are led to a real win/win rather than just ‘making the sale.’ I really, really like those people. They are the kind of folks you would want to go on vacation with. Its a great time. Treat yourself!!” -- Terry Brandt, Land Representative, Traverse City, Michigan

"Dear Rex: Probably, the best thing I can say about your programs is that I have re-written this letter 20 times. It happened, not because I procrastinated like I used to, not because I was undecided, not because I was unsure, but because I keep making new connections and learning more and more every week since last year. I have to hand it to you. You said "transfer of skill". You did it. You said "you'll see the effects one year from now".

It is now a year from then, and I see them. You said "be yourself". I am, only better. You said "these are the kind of people who don't do well". Again, you were right. But not about NLP  only. I now know that whenever I didn't learn I was either lying to impress you or trying to be accepted. I have less things to prove right now, and a lot more to accomplish. You said "our mission is for you leave this place with more questions than you had coming in". Here I would suggest one small change: what I have now is not just more, but better questions as well. It has to do with something you also said: "the quality of the answer is related to the quality of the question." You said "it is not about outcomes, but directions".

Wow, does this one make sense one year after the program! You said "holographic". Like one other person who was there said, "awesome shit!". But really the clue is not that you just said all those things; the key to making all this happen is that you did it, right in front of us. I also know now that a lot of what I produced in this last year is the result of my own work, not yours. And that is precisely the reason why I recommend your programs: they're true to their promise.

You said "we play it, there are virtuosos and great composers. NLP is compatible with any music score. It may be used to read science, philosophy or religion. It also takes lots of practice to do it well, and though there are many great guitar players, each has his or her own style. But the true greats are those who play with passion, with inspiration that transcends the technique. I think you rank in this category. Live long and prosper." --Rafael Sabat Buenos Aires, Argentina

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"WOW!!! That's the first word that popped into my mind when after a couple months of practicing I didn't see the results I had expected, instead I had exceeded all of my expectations and picked up quite a bit more than I had previously believed. Rex Sikes just immerses you almost to the point you think you might drown in all of this information, then you realize that it is so wonderful to learn this that you absorb it like a sponge. Mind Design™ is amazing because within the first few minutes of learning about it, I had made permanent lasting changes that will follow me where ever I go.

First question I got to ask myself was "How soon will I discover myself elegantly and easily using NLP to change my behavior to reflect my goals?". It was a couple months ago when I discovered it had actually been happening for quite some time. After setting up my well formed outcome, I turned a ho-hum job used to pay the bills into a place to create new friends, business contacts, and make more money than I had imagined possible for the field and time that I actually put into it.

The energy available to me for creative projects has increased geometrically since I put the Mind Design™ concept to work for me. If you've ever wanted to learn NLP and currently don't have the time for a real seminar, I fully recommend this course. It is easy to follow, there are many exercises that you can use to create lasting changes in yourself and others, and you can learn at your own leisure. There's just not enough I can say about this course except simply, it will change your life." -- Eric Haddix, Lexington, KY

"I love the practitioner audios !!!!! I feel like being a part of the seminar with a slight distinction - I can still work on finishing up my research paper :) The experience I get from the audios is really so powerful that I am starting to save :) to be able to come to take the Practitioner from Europe in person!

Thanks again for showing me, and most probably everyone you meet ;), that we can truly live a better and more vibrant lives and create a world in which people want to live." -- Jen Pollack, Cornell University

"I received the Ultimate NLP audio program this Monday. After a year and a half of NLP readings, I was believing that my head was unusually thick. This course goes in. Makes sense. With A-1 exercises. Big change in overall cheeriness and spirit, easily, by audio 5. Thank you" -- Larry Earle, Speaker, Canada

"I'd like to second that motion on the Sikes audio program. I have quite a bit of material on NLP, books and tapes. The Rex Sikes "Ultimate...Practitioner" audios you mentioned are excellent. One thing I'm enjoying about these audios is how NLP is broken down into discernable parts so that you can acquire these skills consciously.

Rex avoids trying to come off as some mysterious guru with psychic powers. He wants you to learn NLP for yourself. Not build a cult following with himself as some mythical high priest of NLP. This is in accord with my beliefs and values, and his audios didn't set off my BS detector as have other's trainers. Growing up in a cult, and fortunately breaking away from it, I'm able to spot the "guru mentality" a mile away. I don't have time to waste on some NLP trainer's control issues and ego needs. I want to soak up NLP. Sikes' audios are an excellent way to do that." -- Jerry, online review

"Rex Sikes audio home study program is a superior product to the others that I have seen." -- Robert Cooley, Kalamazoo, MI

"I have very much enjoyed--and benefited from--Rex's "Ultimate NLP Practitioner" audio series. They are, by far, the best presentation of NLP material that I have ever listened to. Top notch stuff. Thanks for producing, and making available on audio, this excellent program." -- Bryan O’Conner, Chicago, IL

Hello Rex,

I want to thank you for having provided me with this great opportunity of studying NLP with your materials. I enjoyed listening to the audios very much. It´s been an experience so much different from just reading books, which was how I initially got started on nlp. But, more important, it has opened all kinds of doors for me, and I´ve made many new discoveries for myself some of which I´d like to share with you here.

Rex, I was very impressed by the level of power that you maintained throughout the whole training. Also, I was impressed with the flexibility you have developed with your voice - your flexible use of tone, timbre, volume etc. Training with you must be such an intense experience! I definitely plan to take a practicioner training as soon as I can...

Also, I´ve set new directions for myself and made a list of goals that I want to transform into wellformed outcomes... To me, NLP has become such a fascinating possibility of organizing the structure of my subjective experience, such an effective filter opening up all kinds of new opportunities and new pathways for me that has already made possible many new discoveries for me that I´ve fallen in love with it! And you have been part of making that love affair possible! Thanks!" -- Wolfgang Theil, Germany

"My personal recommendation is to get Rex's home study course. Rex is a highly respected trainer. More importantly he is a highly skilled trainer, interesting, and very entertaining - Entrancing or mesmerizing you might even say.

My recommendation is based upon previous training with Rex and listening to his Trainers Training, Attitude Activator audio and other audios. I haven't yet listened to all of his Practitioner audios. My recommendation is also based upon reading/hearing many excellent reviews of his audios. Including several from people who's opinions I trust." -- Mike Halbfish, Attorney, online

"I was fortunate enough to win your home study course (in a contest), and I have just gone through my fifth listening. I'm still amazed at what I have to learn from the course. It really is superb.

While I am not yet where I want to be in my life, I have a better appreciation for where I am as a result of your course. Rex truly hammers home the importance of outcomes and attitude in all aspects of life. The home study course is a goldmine of techniques and ideas to transform oneself in new and unexpected ways. Rex does a great job of combining these with a confident and playful attitude, so that if something doesn't click right away, you feel encouraged to just try something else.

I hope to make it to a training in the New Year. Until then, I will be cultivating a sense of curious playfulness to discover just how wonderful things are and can be. Thanks again, and best wishes." -- Aaron Agostini

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