Discover a powerful process to reprogram your mind and subconscious with a one-of-a-kind self-guided hypnotic process to create unshakable confidence and resolve, get unstuck, and create more abundance in your life





It Does It For You. You Learn The Process. Apply It To Anything. You Save Time, Energy and Money!



People used to buy hypnosis programs for specific goals. Now there is a better way.

The Attitude Activator™ empowers you to reprogram your mind and subconscious. 

Apply it to anything you desire.



Whether you want to lose weight, make more money, quit smoking, develop confidence, create a positive mindset, cultivate mindfulness and feelings of joy.

Use the Attitude Activator™ to program your mind to Create Your Best Life Ever!


Change Your Thoughts

Change Your Feelings

Change Your Behaviors

Stop Procrastinating - Take Action

Change Your Life

What People Are Saying About The Attitude Activator™

Don't take our word for it! Here's what people have written to us about the effectiveness of The Attitude Activator™

“Attitude Activator is quite simply, the best tool for shifting your mindset and galvanizing you into action I have ever come across and I have tried most of the top tools over the years. Combine that with Mind Design™ and you really can begin to design your own life.’ – Kathy Strong, Trainer & Consultant, UK

"The most powerful mindset and attitude tool I've ever experienced. Word's can't describe how unique and how life-changing this program is. It rewires your brain to focus on the attitude that can best serve you. In the first year of owning it, I think I listened to it over 100 times. I'm recommending it to anyone who wants a an unstoppable attitude of success." - Joe Soto, Entrepreneur, Waterford, VA

“After repeatedly listening to your "Attitude Activator" program, I have noticed a change in myself. The program takes you to a deeper sense of yourself. Rather than just helping you understand why you behave in a certain way. It makes you more aware of those behaviors and helps you find an alternative solution rather than just a reaction. When I listened to the program, I became very relaxed and unaware of my surroundings. The inflection and smoooothness of your voices not only held my attention but took me on a "mental roller coaster" that was a unique and wonderful feeling. I recommend your program to anyone! It is so basic that it doesn't just apply to top executives or career-minded people, it is personal and therefore applies to anyone. You have my permission to use my words.” - Marybeth Durrend, Network Marketer, Los Angeles

"It. Is. Mind. Blowing." - Beth Pagano, Boston, MA

"I have to  share a not-so-subtle effect of taking this course and of listening to the Attitude Activator™ every morning. The profound change the Attitude Activator has had on me is astonishing!  I resumed daily use of the Attitude Activator when I started taking "How To Change Your Thought and Transform Your Life." I've been listening to it every day for the last ten days or so. I knew that it was having an effect, I just was not able to discern what that effect was. Then, this morning I was exposed to some disturbing news (which seems to the be norm) and, as I started to descend into the less-that-glorious feelings from seeing this news, I was seized by the urge to stop, take a deep breath, and and wonder which of my amazing, resourceful  feelings I could call upon to make me feel like I was surfing among the stars again. The change in state was so visceral that it almost took my breath away. How could things POSSIBLY get any better?!?!" Ron Matthews 'How To Change Your Thoughts & Transform Your Life' participant. Reretired engineer and physicist at one of the Big Five defense contractors, Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) and at two of the MIT labs.

"I strongly recommend Rex's "Attitude Activator' to the group. I bought it a couple years ago (replacing a cassette version I had eons ago) and have begun doing daily listening as part of this course. It has really helped me get into a good frame-of-mind to absorb this material. - AL Konigsfeld, NLP Trainer, Colorado

"Mr. Sikes you can quote me on this: I gave a copy of AA to a lady friend. We have been exploring various programs for personal improvement and comparing serious notes… Well, she wrote a very nice thank you to me for introducing her to the program which she said was probably the best piece of this genre she had ever experienced. I gave the short story to my daughter who suffered injury plus has three small children hanging on her all day. She declared this technology ‘revolutionary’. - Your grateful customer." Harry. Last name withheld by request

“Your Attitude Activator is the best audio program of (another company’s program it's included in) Mr. Sikes. I feel great after listening to it. Keep up the good work. All the best and much prosperity to you in the future.”  - Jeff Westcott, Toronto, Canada

"Using your AA tape has inspired me to continue learning in this fascinating fields. I thought I had learned a lot about the mechanics of NLP but, little about how to apply it in my life, that is, until I found you. What you said about building into the learning process, in an evolutionarily consistent direction to the learning, in the training thrilled me!!! This is what I have felt was missing in my other training so far. Anyway, I am grateful toi myself for having the persistence and gumption to keep on looking for better training. I am clear that I am continuing to explore what NLP and Mind Design™ offers because of the integrity and honesty behind what you are offering." Gerry Savonski, ACSW, Omaha, NE

Best results I’ve ever gotten on a hypnotic audio before! - Nicholas Montegna, Pennsauken, NJ

“Just a note of great appreciation on the A.A.CD that I received about a month or so ago. Recommended by a friend (Daniel F-----).  I've found it to have become an important part of my activities, and recognize significant changes and differences in the way I look at and approach things in life. Now as I search for other such audio/programs in the NLP realm, I find myself reluctant to step in with them as I am very comfortable with your voice. Add in the music, tempo and overall style, and I find that I would much rather follow what you do than go to another group. I am quite fond of the techniques used on AA and come back refreshed and rejuvenated after my sessions and want to continue that if at all possible. Sincerely," Vince Lucchetti

"I work a solid 10 hours a day sitting in front of my computer. So when 5:00 o'clock comes, I NEED to hit the gym. Suffice to say, I sometimes lack the motivation it takes to get to the gym and do a really good intense workout. Night after night I pop in Rex Sikes "Attitude Activator" and this really does the trick. There are times when I am dead tired and I drag myself to the gym for my workout. "Oh, God," I think. "How am I going to get through 40 minutes of intense treadmill and then eight sets of chinups and dips?" Well, those are the nights I pop in the "Attitude Activator" and I have been amazed time and time again how this tape helps me to rise to the occasion. The music is great, the message is powerful and motivating. It helps to push through and complete the workout and FEEL GOOD doing it. By the time I'm done, I feel great. One important reason I can recommend "Attitude Activator" as opposed to (other trainer's tapes) is the high quality recording. Whether I've played it on my expensive stereo system or slapped it into my player the Sikes audio sounds EXCELLENT..." - Jerry, from internet

"Hello Mr. Sikes, Years ago I purchased your Attitude Activator™ from somewhere else. It's been my favorite ever since." - Shirley Wong, Los Angeles

"...the Attitude Activator is something I want to share with other people...I want everyone I come in contact with to experience how easy it is to change from negativity and unaccomplished goals to setting consistent outcomes that bring states that have long been desired...I dance through my days with a smile on my face and a humongous appetite for learning." - Gloria De Voss, ACSW, LSW, Park Forest, Illinois

“Absolutely outrageous! (You can quote me on that)” - Scott Moskowitz

"I just received this product 2 days ago; and have only listened to it three times but I am impressed by it. I haven't realized any outcomes yet; but I can feel it deliberately move me into and out of a hypnotic state.!" - Greg Bastow

"Bust out the bones. The audio is well worth it." Conan the Barbarian, from internet regarding question of whether the Attitude Activator is worth the price.

“I am HUGELY enjoying my Attitude Activator! I've been using it 4-5 times a week at night just before bed, and occasionally during the day instead of a lunch break. Wow! It really shifts the attitude around and I feel I can tackle anything afterward; I am usually able to see particularly vexing issues in a new light soon afterward. Attitude is everything -- yes it's nearly a cliched term and none the less true regardless -and your audio program provides the perfect shift for the only thing that determines everything." - Walter Terry

"Last February, I had an amazing experience after listening to Rex's Attitude Activator Tape. My boss called me in, and totally unexpected, told me he was laying me off.And when his voice first reached my ears, and I translated what he was saying into reality, my first impulse was horror. Tears stood, as they say, in my eyes. A lot depended, it turned out, on how I reacted in those very first seconds. And I've always, before, panicked and gotten angry first, in any uncomfortable situation, although months later I usually decide it was for the best. This time, however, I'd been listening to Attitude Activator. And the original horror and urge to cry triggered a word in my head: "flick". Those of you who have heard the audio will recognize it. And in less than the blink of an eye I thought: What would I do in this circumstance if I *had* *all* the resources I needed. And in less than another blink, they were there!! And I was really proud of myself! I clicked into a resourceful state, negotiated successfully (very successfully, it turned out) and left the meeting walking on *air*! It was the first "Eureka" moment I had in changing my own state with NLP. And now, six months later, the good effects are *still* working. Just wanted to brag.... About my own work.... And about the value of the Attitude Activator™. PS. I'm not one of Rex's students, yet." - Kay Pentecost, internet discussion

“Attitude Activator is like a swiss army knife for mindset. For real!” – Tim Shay, Musician, Philadelphia, PA

"Hello Mr. Sikes, Years ago I purchased your Attitude Activator™ from somewhere else. It's been my favorite ever since." B.R.Meister, Tokyo

"Rex, I am so very grateful you made the Attitude Activator!!!! My son has struggled with staying sober for all of the 17 months he has been with me here in Florida. The last bout with drinking was two weeks ago and he had not been able to stay sober for more than a week all this time. Two weeks ago, once again he made the attempt, went to one or two AA meetings a day and took a month off from work to face his grief over the loss of his marriage, children, job, house, and relocation here in Florida. The first day I gave him the Attitude Activator to listen to and he has done this two or three times daily for the past two weeks. What I notice is his change in demeanor and behavior. He selfstarts now and takes responsibility for his sobriety. It is an amazing transformation that I am witnessing. I know the Attitude Activator is the variable that has made the difference without a doubt, it is in his language, his behavior, his demeanor, his movements and his energy and focus. The shift is wonderous and his sense of humor is there for the first time in years!!!!! To say thank you pales when I see what is happening in my son. And I say thank you, thank you, thank you, anyway :) I and my daughter have never given up on him and are well aware of codependency tendencies. So, we are very careful about doing our own healing work around his alcoholism. I have also used the Attitude Activator and so has my daughter, gives us new energy each time and what we call a 'jump start' whenever we get into 'stuck' places. Our favorite phrase is 'it's soooooo easy!" Stay tuned! Peace, Light, Love, Smiles." Glory  We are withholding name for privacy


About The Attitude Activator™

Within you resides infinite potential you have not yet tapped into! There's resources, talents, abilities you can unlock and unleash to help you create and live the life you deserve. So, if you’d like to add the enormous power of your unconscious mind, which is billions of times more powerful than your conscious mind, then the Attitude Activate™ is the program for you.

Use the Attitude Activator™ to reprogram the way you think, feel and behave and release your power to become the person you are meant to be. You'll transform yourself into that person who can, and will, make your dreams come true. This is why I stand by my statement that this may be the last self-help, guided process, relaxation audio you ever need.

Change your attitude and you change what you are capable of. People have loved this audio for many years because of its versatility. Some of what they have shared I've included below. They've used it to make positive changes. If you'd like to stop perpetuating suffering, disappointment and hurt from the past, end procrastination, a lack of confidence, and a poor self image use the Attitude Activator™  to make changes important to you.

You can supercharge your self-confidence, become less serious and more fun loving, or be more serious whenever its appropriate. You can use it to relax and sleep better, let go of emotional pain and suffering, feel more joyous and vibrant, think more creatively and be a better student. It's designed to be used for what you want to use it for. End suffering. Get free from fear. Overcome limiting beliefs. Feel your finest! Stop failing. Start Succeeding. Make dreams come true. Discover joy in life. It's a best seller because it works! 

Researchers agree attitude is the number one predictor for success and healing. Having the right attitude is what you need when you decide you must to transform! Now, it is easier than ever using the amazing Attitude Activator™. Use it to help you: maintain ideal weight, make more money, get smoke free, develop unshakeable confidence, create a positive mindset, cultivate mindfulness and feelings of joy, the Attitude Activator™ programs your mind.

Apply it to anything you desire. IT DOES EVERYTHING YOU NEED A Program to do! The Attitude Activator™ programs your mind while you relax and learn the process. It puts you in charge. Discover how incredibly powerful you are! Comes with instructions.




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