"Rex's Little Known Secret to Overcome Obstacles, Develop a Powerful Mindset, Stop Struggling, and Live an Abundant Life!"  

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"All the participants thought your work had a tremendous payoff. They felt they received value many times more than they invested. You've made me a hero and a genius for bringing you here. Thanks."

Paul R. Scheele
Author, 'PhotoReading: The Whole Mind System' and 'Natural Brilliance' Learning Strategies Corp.

"Rex Sikes is my own present day personal thought trainer."

Karen McHugh Barben
Great Granddaughter of Napoleon Hill

"Rex Sikes light years beyond the rest."

Richard Bandler
Co-Developer of NLP

"Rex Sikes is a walking inspiration. He inspires the inspirers, which is why I love the way he thinks, lives, and teaches. Let Rex be your guide and your life can change no matter what you’ve been through."

Catherine Hickland
Actor ‘One Life To Live’, Author, Hypnotist

"Rex helped me realize I could use more of my mind that I ever thought before. He made me see YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. He's inspiring!"

Joe Vitale
Author, 'There's A Customer Born Every Minute' & 'THE SECRET'

"I love what you do. You are one of a kind."

Kin Shriner
'Scotty Baldwin' on ABC's General Hospital

"I believe that you have something very special and I thank you for sharing it with all of us. Thank you again."

Brian Krause
Actor, 'Leo' on Charmed

"Rex Sikes is my favorite modern prophet! He's more accessible than Socrates because I know him personally. Kidding aside, Rex teaches wisdom you can’t get in books or programs, except maybe for HIS books and programs! He's one of the most loving, insightful and practical problem solvers with tools that really work to change your life. I’m privileged to call him my friend."

Lydia Cornell
Actor, 'Too Close For Comfort', Director & Speaker

BreakThrough Programs To
Create Your Best Life



Life On Your Terms: Create The Life You Want

by Rex Steven Sikes


Rex Steven Sikes provides you a powerful practical manual with a fresh take on personal growth, business success, and transformation that’s infused with love, wisdom, innovative ideas, principles, and practices that help you to begin creating and living the life you want. Rex deconstructs the myths about the universal laws making them easy to understand and successfully apply!

It’s one thing to wish and want something, another to apply these laws effectively. In Life On Your Terms, you'll learn why some people have nothing, while others have the true inner secret to love, personal success, and inner peace. You'll learn how to alleviate stress, create joy and success by learning to focus your thoughts.

You'll discover how to create a champion mindset and a victor mentality, to harness your dreams and desires using Rex's simple and powerful techniques. Rex gives you pages of real-life principles proven to change lives.


Attitude Activator™ 


The ONLY Audio Self Help Recording You'll Ever Need!

The Attitude Activator™ is the only hypnotic process you will ever need! Whether you want to lose weight, make more money, quit smoking, develop confidence, create a positive mindset, cultivate mindfulness and feelings of joy, the Attitude Activator™ programs your mind. Apply it to anything you desire. Use the Attitude Activator™ to Create Your Best Life Ever! Mp3 audio,  Pdf Instructions.

Learn More

How to Change Your Thoughts & Transform Your Life: Dynamic Secrets To Making LOA Work


You've got big dreams. Maybe you want more money, a car, a boat, a house. Maybe you want to get along better with loved ones, friends and coworkers. Maybe there's something you'd like to do -- play the piano, learn to swim, travel the world -- but you just haven't made it happen? Are you struggling to end debt and live abundantly? Perhaps you tried the Law of Attraction (LOA) but it didn't seem to work. Well, now you can learn to master these dynamics secrets to create a life filled with happiness, health and wealth. Finally make the Law of Attraction work for you and start living the life you deserve! Go at your own pace: Video & Audio Instruction. Book & Workbook. Q&As plus you can gain access to Private Support Group.



Ultimate NLP Practitioner Home Study Course™


Powerfully transform the way you think and feel to help yourself and others thrive!


One of the most sought after training programs in the NLP market to date. It’s also one of the most powerful, entertaining and enlightened trainings to have ever happened. Chock full of an incredible amount of material and exercises expertly fashioned to enhance your resources and increase your abilities. Carefully crafted to harness your unconscious to learn at an accelerated rate many times faster than what you may be used to. You’ll integrate these lessons as you relax, follow along, and apply what you learn. Thoroughly enjoy yourself. This program will guide you to transform the way you think, feel and live. Go at your own pace: Video Instruction. Exercises. Q&As. Private Group Support. Manual.

Powerfully Transform With Us!

Mind Design™


Experience The Most Powerful Mindset Programming Ever Created!

Have you felt different from others, empty or unfulfilled? Whether you have almost everything you want or only a little, something seems off. You’d like to feel happier, healthier in mind, body, and spirit. You want life to work. There's good news: you can stop feeling like that. You can overcome blocks and limitations. Get a new lease on life. Feel significant, connected, confident, joyful and an incredible sense of well-being. Maintain a fantastic attitude, explode your abundance and skyrocket your results through simple, easy-to-apply practices. Mind Design™ combines the wisdom of the ancients with cutting edge research. Enroll in Mind Design™ and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Go at your own pace: Video Instruction. Exercises. Q&As. Private Group Support. Manual Workbook.


How To Get People To Do What You Want™


Want more in life? Give them what they need and get what you want!

If you've been begging, pleading, guilt-tripping or nagging to try to get your way with your child, a customer or business associate, your significant other, or even a stranger, you need How To Get People To Do What You Want. It's a proven system for creating a climate of understanding. Become powerfully and confidently persuasive without trickery, subterfuge, and manipulation. Persuade others positively and respectfully when you uncover what’s most important to them. You and those you influence can feel great! Discover how much people want to help you when you first help them. Go at your own pace: Video Instruction. Exercises. Q&As. Private Group Support. Manual



Why They Buy: Discover the Secrets Behind What Makes Your Customers Say Yes


This book will change your life. It has the secret, the system, the science, the solution to increase your sales up to 300%! I’m telling you, my friends, this is an important book to read. Why They Buy has the secret, the system, the science, and the solution to help you improve your relationships! That is why I am reminding you again to get this book. Do yourself a favor. When you read ‘Why They Buy’ you’ll learn why people make decisions. You’ll learn how to discover, in about 90 seconds,  what’s most important to them. You’ll learn why they buy AND MOST importantly, you can learn why they buy you! Get it!


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B.A.N.K™ : Supercharge Your Sales In Less Than 90 Seconds With B.A.N.K.

 B.A.N.K. is the only methodology in the world, scientifically validated to predict buying behavior in less than 90 seconds using personality science. The B.A.N.K. Code Assessment is a reverse-engineered personality assessment designed to pinpoint a person's buying behavior by determining their B.A.N.K. code. With a specific focus on buyology, rather than psychology, the B.A.N.K. system is designed to increase your sales effectiveness up to 300%.

Everyone has a unique personality type or what is called your BANKcode™ in the BANK personality system. While we are made up of all four personality codes, we have one predominant type. BANK has developed a set of Value Cards, which can be quickly sorted in order of priority, from what you value most to what you value least, revealing your personal BANKcode. 

By cracking your clients’ behavioral code you will be able to predict their buying behavior in 90 seconds or less. Sounds too good to be true? A study by San Francisco State University revealed that the ability to quickly pinpoint the “purchasing personality” of prospective buyers makes a sale significantly more likely. And finding out which values are most important to your team members, clients, and business partners will improve your relationships in your business and personal lives.

Crack My Code Now

Einstein And Tesla's Genius Technique™


Think you can't visualize? There’s no limit to what you can do!

Learn to visualize. Use your mind in amazing ways to get your goals, live abundantly, have more fun and be more creative! Create your best life using the mindset of these super geniuses! Rex shares principles and practices, step by step, so you can learn from the Masters! Go beyond the box you learn to think outside of. End obstacles and limitations. There’s no limit to what you can do except the limit you set for yourself. Now, you can change that. You’ll love this course! Go at your own pace: Video Instruction. Exercises. Q&As. Private Group Support.

Coming Soon

The Art Of Letting Go™


Feeling burdened? Stop struggling. Lighten up. Get free of anything that holds you down!

If you're burdened, if you're hurting, if you're struggling: Rex gives you principles and practices to get over any “less than glorious” event from the past, present or even the future. Let go of fears, doubts, limitations and, anything that has ever, or could ever, hold you back. Drop pain. Feel inner peace. Trust your inner wisdom! Move forward with new confidence. Create a life of health, wealth and happiness! Find Bliss! Live large! Experience more abundance! Get and be free! Go at your own pace: Video Instruction. Exercises. Q & A's. Private Group Support.

Coming Soon

Meet Rex

Rex Steven Sikes, founded IDEA Seminars, and is the creator of Mind
Design™, the Attitude Activator™, and Directed Questions™. He's
dedicated four decades to helping countless thousands of people
transform their minds and lives. Rex is an authority on Abundance and the Law of Attraction, the Science of Mind, Napoleon Hill,
Whole-Brained and Accelerated Learning, Meditation and more. Sikes uses ancient wisdom and leading-edge methods to facilitate amazing life-changes and transformation!

What they're saying about Rex

"Now I am so full inside with great joy, hope, confidence, steadfastness, and peace. I anticipate taking this into my world and just letting it continue to fill all the dry, thirsty and empty hearts I meet."

Christine Pawlak
Court Reporter, Oak Creek, Wisconsin

"Rex has changed my life in a way I hadn't possible. I'm really in touch with myself. Feeling what it's like to be alive again. I'll carry this feeling for the rest of my life! I'm a new person! Thank you Rex!"

Mical Honcampe
Senior Executive, Portland, Oregon

"Before the course, I was a bit concerned about how much 'fun' it'd be. I am a software engineer, and I didn't just want a 'feel-good' experience that didn't teach me a lot. I wanted a powerful and effective set of tools for personal transformation. I got everything I wanted and more. I had so much fun it's changed my view of learning. A very well structured and skillfully taught course. Rex is a wonderful teacher."

Garry King
Software Consultant, New Zealand

"I've not chased my dreams, mostly because when the horn was sounded, I just didn't feel like it. Now I feel like it, sound like it, look like it. Most of all, now I can act like it!"

Charles Williams
Real Estate Economist, Louisville, Kentucky

"This course stretches you. It's worth much more than its price. It's thrilling to accomplish so much good change in so little time. I've developed new useful skills. I recommend this course to anyone who dares to make a real life change."

Per-Eric Olsson
Project Leader, Sweden

"I now have the skills to help me in my daily life. I've changed my attitude. This course is basic training for life. I have changed my life in a most wonderful and positive way forever. I now control the outcome of my experiences. Attitude is everything."

Ken Davis
Computer Specialist, Richmond, Virginia

"The program met my expectations! I got more than just tools and knowledge. It gave me a new, fun and wonderful way to explore my mind. I'm a better person to myself and all the human beings."

Carmen Galvan
Director, Caracos, Venezuela

"My life is not going to be the same as before. Now, I have all the resources I need to make any change. Rex taught to me how to use my resources in a wonderful way. Now, I can do something really delightful with my life."

Clara Josefina Mendoza de Falcon
Consultant & Trainer, Venezuela


"Rex's Little Known Secret to Overcome Obstacles, Develop a Powerful Mindset, Stop Struggling, and Live an Abundant Life!"  

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