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Have you attended self-improvement seminars, had a good time, only to discover the gains were short term? I have.

Do you want to move forward yet feel something holds you back?

Are you not doing what you know in your heart you should?

Do you feel happiness is fleeting?

Are you dissatisfied with your relationships?

Do you make pretty good money but wind up short at the end of the month?

Do you eat healthy -- sometimes? Exercise, but not enough?

Perhaps, life just isn't what it could be?

If you answered yes to any of these questions consider this: if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll stay exactly where you are. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again, hoping for a different result.

For your life to change you must change some of the things in your life. You can't keep doing what you have been doing. You do get that, right?

So I am wondering: Do you want to create and live your best life ever? I do, and if you do, I can help. Keep reading.

Mind Design™: A Message From Rex

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Stop Making Excuses

Many people have more excuses for why things aren't going right, than they have positive results. True for you? Maybe you feel just okay much more often than you feel really great. Overall you're more negative than positive.

Understand that if you view your goals as too big or too far away, then your thoughts, feelings and behaviors won't support your reaching them. You're wasting your time, energy and money!

So if you're feeling stuck, that you've lost your path, and are living a mundane existence, I'd  like to offer you a far better option.



Would you like to make your life glorious?

You deserve it. Don't you?

I have more to say!


Brian's Story


Eliminate bad habits and blocks holding you back!

Develop a positive, powerful, invincible attitude!

Skyrocket your results to create your best life ever!

"Mind Design is a game changer! It's the missing link between LOA, NLP, Hypnosis, Meditation, EFT & DHE. The support and feedback in the training is like nothing I've experienced in 14 years of formal practice and 26 years of personal practice. Look into this training. It's just brilliant! "

Tim Shay
Musician, Philadelphia

"Mind Design helps me choose amazing thinking instead of habitual thoughts that aren’t useful. I form new habits in thought and feeling that result in actions that get me my goals. The possibilities are endless."

Robert Bergstein
Marketing Copyrighter, Finland

"Instead of wallowing in anger, frustration and resentment, I use Mind Design to direct my brain, focus in new and exciting ways to discover how resourceful I am. The results I’m getting are phenomenal."

Kathy Strong
Coach and NLP Trainer, England

"I'm more resilient. I feel bulletproof. I vibe high. I'm super productive, focused, and motivated. My ability to learn, adapt, and tap my brain resources is on a new level. I'm enjoying life more than ever. I've spent over 30 years seeking out the top experts in human performance. Nothing comes close to Mind Design. It's the ultimate life enhancement experience. I love it! "

Michael Halbfish
Lawyer, Bethlehem, PA

"I am so grateful to have found you on my journey Rex Sikes. You are doing amazing things for this world!"

Brian Alexander
Cross Fit Owner, Entrepreneur, Chicago IL

You Need A Healthy A Self-Image

Maxwell Maltz, Author, Psycho-Cybernetics

Pioneer genius Maxwell Maltz* stated in 1960 that the most important psychological breakthrough of the 20th century was the discovery of the self-image.

Though Maltz put a name to it, since ancient times, mystics, gurus, philosophers and researchers have explored this 'unknown' concept of self-image.

Maltz points out whether we realize it or not, each of us carries within a 'mental blueprint', or an internal picture of ourselves.

This self-image is our idea of 'what kind of person I am.' and stems from beliefs about ourselves we developed while growing up. We don't question its validity, but behave as though it were absolute truth. Because it feels true to us.

For example, you may think, 'I'm uncomfortable in crowds.' 'I've always had money troubles.' 'I am a horrible student.' 'I'm ugly.' "I'm stupid.' 'I am lazy.'  Our brain makes use of stored information, or “memories,” to attempt to solve current problems and respond to current situations.

The reason we trust this self-description is because of past negative experiences. Our brain relies on stored information -- our memories -- to respond to current situations. Thus, if we think of ourselves as incompetent because of our past, our brain goes out of its way to prove we still are! The sad result then is we may never try new things. We remain stuck.


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Your Brain Functions Best When You're At Your Best!


As Maltz explains, "All your actions, feelings, behavior, even your abilities, are always consistent with this self-image. In short, you will act like the sort of person you conceive yourself to be."

 Just as your thermostat keeps the temperature of your house consistent, your brain makes sure your self-image stays consistent.

The person who views him or herself as a failure will find some unconscious way to fail. Maltz claims you actually cannot act otherwise, in spite of all your will power and good intentions or opportune circumstances.


So when you do fail, you view this as corroborating evidence you are a failure. This self-perpetuating downward spiraling cycle is difficult break because we've grown up with this image locked in our brain. The brain then looks for, and finds, further proof in our life experiences.

Get it? If you think you're a failure you will fail, thus proving yourself right! WOW, that sucks, but that is how it works. Could this be your issue?

This would be horrible news if it ended there but it doesn't. Here's the good news:

Maltz asserts, "The self-image can be changed. Numerous case histories have shown that one is never too young nor too old to change his self-image and thereby start to live a new life."

The reason why it seems almost impossible for a person to change his or her habits and life view is that instead of addressing the cause -- your center -- most people try to change the periphery, that is, the outside circumstances, problems and poor results. Change must be directed inwards at the cause, your self-image!


This is what Mind Design™ is designed to do! Using tried and true principles from ancient to modern times, you will learn to transform your self-image to become the kind of person for whom change and manifestation is easy!

Mind Design™ works on your center to help you redesign your self-image -- the person you are, your thoughts, feelings, speech and behaviors -- so you can create or more readily attract, all the good things you want in life.

Once you are living your True Self, acquiring what you want becomes simpler. You've transformed into someone for whom being, doing and having wonderful things feels natural!

As Maltz demonstrated in multiple experiments, once you change your self-image from within, behaviors consistent with the new self-image fall into place. 

Join me in Mind Design™ and I'll help you develop the positive self-image and practices you need to be happier, healthier, and wealthier! The goal of Mind Design™ IS for you to be the kind of person for whom creation, attraction, and getting stellar results is automatic and reliable.

Min Design™ is powerful, yet subtle. Fun, but effective.

It IS possible for you to put in the work to become the person you have always wanted to be, to do what you have always hoped you would do, and to have the things you want to have.

Enroll today!

*Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon and genius pioneer in the field of self-improvement. He wrote Psycho-Cybernetics ©1960 after he realized that some patients' self-image didn't change in spite of corrective cosmetic surgery. 








Chinese Bamboo Takes A Long Time To Bloom But You Don't Have To




How You Benefit

Rapidly Transform Your Life

  • Eliminate Beliefs, Blocks And Negativity That Holds You Back
  • End Insecurity, Worry And Fear
  • The Conscious Doesn't Solve Problems, It Only Identifies Them. Stop Using Your Conscious Mind Incorrectly. Let Go. Surrender
  • Stop Consciously Trying
  • Overcome Emptiness, Hopelessness, Loneliness, Resentment, Insecurity
  • Turn Frustration And Aggression Into Creativity, Passion and Positive Drive
  • Stop Stopping Yourself From Good Things
  • Stop Feeling Stuck. Become Resourceful And Resilient
  • Manage Your Thoughts And Emotions.
  • Control And Stop Negative Self-Talk And Self-Doubt
  • Stop Living With A Poor Self-image
  • Stop Carrying Around Past Emotional Scars And  Baggage
  • Put An End To Lethargy
  • Stop Feeling Tired And Down
  • Eliminate Energy Blocks
  • End Bad Habits. 
  • End Procrastination. Take Action. Get The Results You Desire.
  • Stop Imagining The Worst
  • Transform Your Money Worries
  • Stop Wasting Your Time And Energy

  • Shift From Negative To Positive
  • Go From Stuck To Unstuck: Create Momentum
  • Mind Design™ Uses Ancient Tried And True Principals And Modern Scientifically Validated Practices To Create Your Best You!
  • Mind Design™ Is A Proven Blueprint For Change
  • Enrolling And Getting Started Is Easy
  • Online For Ultimate Convenience

  • Simple. Easy. Fun 
  • Do It Anytime, Anywhere At Your Own Pace

  • Watch And Listen Again And Again

  • Participate In Q & A's
  • Access To Mind Design™ Secret Support Group
  • Monthly Additions: Video, Audio Or Written Content. Ongoing Learning And Support
  • Access To Rex
  • Lots More Great Benefits For You! Keep Reading



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Life Is To Be Enjoyed!

Make Your Moments Magical

"If you would like to have access to someone who will relentlessly cheer you on to develop and have your own very positive attitude and approach to life and also guide and train you in lots of specifics with respect to how to do so, Rex Sikes is your man." Mark Roche, Santa Monica, CA


When you put Mind Design™ into practice you can reduce, end or eliminate the blocks and beliefs that hold you back. You can learn to let go and release old hurts and trauma and negative prior conditioning from your past.


This program helps you dramatically and wonderfully transform yourself and your life! You can absolutely create your best life ever. Begin getting the things, and the results, you want and deserve.

Why is this so important? 

Because your life is meant to be enjoyed. You deserve to live the best life you're able! I'll show you how to make your moments marvelous and much more magical! Making changes is serious but you don't have to be serious about it. Have fun. Play, explore, discover and change Make life an adventure!

You must learn a new way.

I'll share with you a new enjoyable way to learn by trusting your subconscious, brain to make the changes for you. Stop trying so hard and surrender to that part of your mind designed to do all the work. Let go!

"Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." Albert Einstein

I deliver the goods when it comes to improving your life. I give you the information, the principles and practices you need to create a wonderful new life for yourself. Get unstuck and skyrocket forward. Join Me in this program!



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Meet Rex


Rex Steven Sikes has four decades of experience helping people transform their lives. His innovations include Mind Design™, Directed Questions™ and the Attitude Activator™. Rex is an expert on Whole Brain and Accelerated Learning, the Law of Attraction and transformational life design. He's a Master Trainer of NLP, a Master Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist. Rex founded IDEA Seminars to deliver transformational programs both online and at live training events for the public and corporate world.

Rex has appeared before millions on television and radio. He's consulted for attorneys and the news media offering commentary on famous trials and celebrities.

His clients include the famous and not so famous, CEO’s, sales professionals and managers, medical doctors, law enforcement, attorneys, personnel managers, small business owners, training personnel, investors, teachers, educational administrators, actors, filmmakers, and professional speakers. People from all walks of life!

What these clients share in common is the desire to live their best life. With Rex it’s possible.

You'll Love This Training

"Rather than offering a set of fuzzy "new age" generalities about self-improvement, you teach a set of concrete techniques."

Christopher Carter
Entertainer, Speaker, Chicago, IL

"The skills I learned transformed and enhanced my life: I overcome a fear, became more outgoing, have more fun, passion, and adventure. I feel more confident. I changed jobs. I'm making more money, becoming more effective while having more fun. My personal relationships are deeper, warmer, and more committed."

Cindi Caldwell
Account Executive, Janesville, Wisconsin

"It made a big difference in the way I feel and think. I laugh more, smile on the inside, and transformed many situations I considered difficult. I am the creator and designer of my experience."

Jan Polak
Headmaster, London, UK

"Rex you'd be happy to know my skills assisted me in getting a promotion to supervisor, and a bonus! Two reasons I am so grateful for my learning! Just thought you'd like to know that what you teach gets results!"

Paul Smith
Los Angeles, CA

"I'm amazed at all the learning I came away with. Every day I find another "behavior" changed. Sometimes in a small way, sometimes in a big way. These are behaviors I wasn't aware of before the course."

Lem Fugitt
Robotics, Publisher, Chiba, Japan

"I've found new meaning and new directions in my work, and life. Best of all, I've been able to share the fruits of my discoveries with both my fiancee and best friend."

Phillip-Julian Eby

"I am happier. The training helped me discover new skills, clarify values and goals, change some unwanted behaviors, and wipe out some barriers that were holding me back from moving ahead quickly."

Patricia Linehan
Assistant Professor of Psychology William Penn College

"You said "transfer of skill". You did it. You said "you'll see the effects one year from now". It's now a year later, and I see them. You said "be yourself". I am, only better. You said "it's not about outcomes, but directions". Wow, does this make sense one year after the program! You did not just say all those things; the key to making all this happen is that you did it, right in front of us."

Rafael Sabat
Speaker, Trainer, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Rex is my own present day personal thought trainer."

Karen McHugh Barben
Great Granddaughter of Napoleon Hill

Eliminate The Bad Habits And Blocks Holding You Back!

What holds you back is often a blind-spot. If you have a $100 in your pocket but don't realize it, you don't benefit from it. Being unaware creates repeated struggles, mistakes and challenges. Your subconscious habits, blind-spots and limiting beliefs block you from living the life you deserve and the results you could enjoy.

Illuminate your blind-spots, eliminate limiting beliefs, remove the blocks holding you back, create success habits, and get amazing results using MIND DESIGN™!



Develop A Powerfully Positive, Invincible Attitude!


Using Mind Design™ you'll run your brain to create and attract what you desire most in life. You'll develop positive success habits along with a powerful mindset and outlook to make your life spectacular! 

It's different from other programs because its operating system applies to all areas of your life. Whether you're seeking more health, wealth, stronger relationships or even more fun, Mind Design™ helps you live your best life ever!

Skyrocket The Results You Get And Create Your Best Life Ever!

MIND DESIGN™ illuminates your talents, abilities, resources and your untapped potential.

MIND DESIGN™ makes your good better, your better best, and your best so incredible your results skyrocket. You get powerful and practical, systematic results-oriented methods that are fun and easy to apply. 

MIND DESIGN™ is simple but powerful. It's revolutionary because it makes the process of improving your life part of living your best life!



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Become Unstoppable

A Servo-Mechanism Runs It All

Why This Is Important You Know


In the field of Cybernetics a servo-mechanism is a machine that carries out programs without any thought about the program being carried out.

Your computer runs programs without making value judgments. When you type a document or use talk to text the errors will get printed just as they are.

A servo-mechanism doesn't evaluate or judge the content or the program as good or bad. It only does what it was programmed to do. If you set an alarm it will go off whether you want it to or not. It doesn't consider your wishes.

Our non-conscious, other than conscious, unconscious or subconscious mind (whatever you want to call it) is a servo-mechanism, or servant mechanism. It runs the programs it learned to do while you were growing up and through life experiences.

It repeats those programs reliably, and automatically whether they're good for you or not. It's your habit machine and it carries out your supportive and non-supportive habits automatically, whether you want it to or not.

It Works Like Clockwork

Do you smoke, bite your nails, over eat, feel sad, erupt with rage or react with fear when presented with new opportunity? That is your 'servant' delivering what it learned to do.

Get it? It's not thinking about whether it's good or bad, or productive or not, that is the domain of the conscious mind. The conscious mind sets goals and has desires. The subconscious mind carries out the 'wired in' programs you learned from age zero to seven. You didn't know this was happening then and most people are still unaware of it as adults. 

Smoking may have taken getting used to. You made have had to get accustomed to the tastes of alcohol but some other things came about much more naturally. Feeling bad when people raise their voices or when you hear certain tones happened when you were too young to even consider it. You weren't aware your servant was being programmed.

These less than glorious programs run on and on triggered by internal thoughts or feelings and external people, events and circumstances.

How you react to your thoughts and feelings, and to people, events and circumstance is outside your control. That's why it's been a struggle to try and change. That's why you keep doing the same thing no matter how much you don't want to.

That's why no matter how much you've tried to change you haven't. You still react as you always have reacted. The bad news is you will continue to react the same way! Until, or unless, you change it.

That' s why Mind Design™ is valuable! You'll learn to reprogram and recondition yourself to feel and behave the way you want to. Get it?

Rintu's Successes


The Reason You Need to Know This

The reason you need to know this is because your servant will continue to run the programs no matter what, until you take charge. Most people live as victims of their own subconscious mind's programs. They whine, complain and blame anything and everyone instead of taking charge and learning how to direct their mind powerfully like a laser beam to make changes and get the things they want.

Unless, or until you do, you will remain a victim of your own brain. It doesn't know or care that many of the programs are counter-productive to who you are and what you want consciously.

It will continue to do what it always done UNTIL you take charge and change it. AND Mind Design™ is the proven program to help you change it.

You'll make changes more easily by learning how to playfully reprogram your servant to work for you, instead of letting it run on its own against you.

You'll learn to consciously direct your mind, set intentions, and then trust your subconscious mind to carry it out for You will reprogram yourself for success. I show you how to aim your mind to make it work for you the way you want it to. It's always a willing, obedient and reliable servant, it just needs to be told what to do.

Because it is a willing and reliable servant is why you can tie your shoes, drive your car, write your name, play golf, sew, smoke, or feel bad when someone looks at you the wrong way, blame yourself for being less than you hoped you would be by now, over eat, or worry about debt. It repeats what it learned to do. Get it?

I'll show you how to enjoyably and playfully take positive charge and put your servant to work for you to learn to do the things you want it to do with greater ease and no stress.

Trying too hard to change, or feeling desperate, does not help you! You end up spinning your wheels but not getting anywhere. I offer you a better, more enjoyable, reliable way to make the lasting changes you want to make. 

I hope in reading these pages something becomes patently clear to you and that is information doesn't change you. Knowing about something doesn't transform. People think it does, but it doesn't. Only when information is applied correctlyt has it the opportunity to help you change. Only applied information, or experience, changes you!

Mind Design™ is sequenced, layered and presented in such a way that you get the accurate information you need to put simple but powerful principles into practice in a variety of enjoyable ways.

In doing this you build the experiences and positive habits you need to transform more readily and easily. You design your mind, your attitude, your feelings, behaviors and your life to move forward to get the results you desire while letting nothing stop you. You learn to become resilient and invincible! AND that's totally cool! Get it?

Remember this important point: Reading a book about riding a bike is NOT the same as riding the bike! One is 'about', the other is doing it. One is information the other is real life experience. You improve from experience!

In order to become your best at riding a bike you must do it, experience it, repeatedly, for long enough, to get good at it.

In this program you learn how you can  use your imagination to build and enhance experience. For example, visualizing yourself riding the bike successfully helps you enhance and improve the skill. The brain can't tell the difference between the outer experience of bike riding and the inner visualized one.

Visualizing works because you re-create and rehearse the experience in your mind. There are particular ways you want to do this to accelerate your skills Actually riding the bike and imagining yourself riding the bike in special ways helps you improve the quickest and the most. Do you understand?

Enroll in Mind Design™ and you learn how to do both.Learn to take charge of your mind so you can become the captain of your ship and the master of your fate. Live life as a victor and champion instead letting your mind make you feel bad and miss out. 

IN Mind Design™ you'll create the experience of what it is like to become, and remain, a winner no matter what life throws at you. When you think and feel like a winner, you win more! So stop losing out and start winning. Take positive action and enroll today!


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